Indexing PDF, Word and PowerPoint files

We can also crawl and index additional document types, such as PDF, DOC and PPT files. This is part of our Plus Pack that can be added to any subscription. If you have a Plus Package, you will only need to enable the setting to index additional file types. You can do this by logging in to your account, and in Settings, under PDF Support, turn the switch to “On” :


Please note: each PDF document counts as a separate page towards your plan’s page quota. Enabling this feature might cause you to exceed your quota. After enabling, it might take a few hours before all of your PDF documents are properly indexed. You can speed up this process by starting a full re-crawl from the Dashboard’s Index tools page.

The size of PDFs should not exceed 20 MB, feel free to request a custom limitation if needed.

Here’s how the feature looks once it’s activated: