Bonus pages

You can earn up to 200 bonus pages, by spreading the word about AddSearch through your social network. Here’s how it works:

  1. Login to your AddSearch account. This will show you your Dashboard. In your Dashboard you see the page quota for your plan, and underneath here it will say: “Earn bonus pages”. Click on it.
    Alternatively, you can also click on the “Earn bonus pages” link, from the menu on your left:

  2. On the Earn Bonus Pages page, there is a list of the different ways you can spread the word about AddSearch, each of them giving you a reward of 25 pages. Simply follow the steps there, and get your 200 bonus pages!
    Here’s a breakdown of the different ways and their rewards:

    1. Install our search: 25 pages
      If you haven’t yet installed our script on your site, then do that first. Without it AddSearch doesn’t work on your site, and we are happy to give you 25 pages to do just that!
    2. Like us on Facebook: 25 pages
      We regularly update Facebook with news about new features, good tips for site owners and other relevant info.
    3. Tell a fried about us (via e-mail): 100 pages max
      Happy with AddSearch? Why not give your friends the same opportunity? E-mail them about us through our field, and you can earn up to 100 free pages, 25 per e-mail.
    4. Follow us on Twitter: 25 pages
      We regularly tweet and retweet all kinds of interesting info on site search, e-commerce, and other relevant things.
    5. Tweet about us: 25 pages
      Do you like AddSearch? Let your followers know, and we will reward you with 25 pages.