Site search solutions for

Government and municipal websites

Websites have become critical tools for delivering information and services from governments and municipalities to citizens. However, these websites often contain enormous amounts of information - and some municipalities can find it hard to manage such large websites. As a result, citizens may be unable to find the information or services they’re looking for. Faced with poor access to online services, citizens may revert back to more traditional ways of interacting with the government - phone calls, letters and even face-to-face visits.

Relevant results - on the first search

Site search acts as a shortcut for visitors to the information and services their require

Good site search helps visitors access information and online services quickly, bypassing the complicated navigation required to organize large amounts of information. AddSearch includes several features that make it ideally suited for government and municipal websites.

Typo tolerance

AddSearch automatically corrects misspellings and shows correct results even if the search term is misspelt. So a citizen searching for ‘business licenses’ would find it even if they searched for ‘business lisences’, or similar.


Specifying words or phrases as synonyms tells AddSearch to show the same results for all of them. Those who search for trash disposal will also find the garbage disposal pages.

Hidden keywords

Governments and municipalities are often required to use official terminology, which may differ from the language citizens use. The hidden keyword feature allows you to tag pages with search terms they should appear on - so that a citizen who searches for fridge or mattress disposal finds the ‘large things collection’ page.

Self-learning algorithm

Our intelligent algorithm learns from your users and boosts results that are clicked frequently, so citizens will never be too far from the most popular services and information.

Type any letter to see AddSearch in action!

AddSearch is accessible

No mouse required

The search interface can be operated solely using keyboard shortcuts, and does not require a mouse.

Screen-reader support

The search interface and results page is screen-reader friendly. For example, the HTML is semantically correct and images have ‘alt’ attributes.

AddSearch offers the best value for money

AddSearch offers the best value for money for hosted site search. We focus our efforts on engineering and support, and without substantial bonuses or a large organization to maintain, we can offer the comprehensive features with a fraction of the price.

No feature limits

All of our plans have the same features - you won’t be forced into constant upgrades to gain access to our premium tools.

Unlimited searches on all plans

To keep pricing predictable, our plans include unlimited searches. That means no nasty surprises on the school budget.

Fair pricing

Our pricing depends on the size of your website. Larger websites naturally require more resources to crawl and index, and we want to ensure fairness for all users.

Quick to install - easy to maintain

Install by pasting one simple code snippet

With our search widget, it only takes five minutes to get your search installed - just paste a snippet of code on the page and your search is ready for testing. You don’t need extensive coding experience or a dedicated developer.

Code-free integration and fast indexing with our crawler

We don’t believe it’s your responsibility to deliver us your content through API or other expensive and time-consuming methods. Instead, our crawler automatically finds and indexes your content. In most cases, your site is indexed and fully searchable within a few hours of signing up.

Set and forget site search

Don’t waste time worrying about search - your municipalty has better things to do. AddSearch offers a truly ‘set and forget’ solution. Once the search is installed and the results are to your liking, there’s nothing more you need to do. It just works.

Other useful features

Multilanguage support

AddSearch detects the language of your pages and only displays search results that match the language. Provide search for all the languages your websites support without extra work.

Optimized for mobile

AddSearch delivers a stellar search experience regardless of whether your users are on desktop or mobile devices. Both the search interface and results page adapt to the screen size, with no pinch-zooming or side-scrolling necessary.

Multi-domain support

Some governments or municipalities have different subdomains or even different domains for different departments. You can configure AddSearch to show search results from all of your websites one on single page.

Make your PDF files searchable

AddSearch can also make PDF files searchable, so whitepapers, maps, T&C documents and other valuable information will not be overlooked.

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