Fast, Accurate and

AddSearch is a fully-featured, hosted site search for any website

Easy to set up and customize

Fully-featured, enterprise-level, hosted and customizable site search. We crawl your website and the installation is a breeze.

AddSearch is a great search, our support is amazing and we have thousands of happy customers. Enjoy all the functionality and features without a huge price tag or months of development work.

Enterprise level search with a self-learning algorithm

Sell more, reduce support costs, and connect visitors to content with AddSearch.

AddSearch makes enterprise-level site search available to all website owners. Increase conversion from visitor to customer and reduce customer support costs by increasing the level of self-service.

This is what we do

Site search is our business. In fact, it’s our only business. We are 100% dedicated to delivering the best site search experience for you and your website visitors.

It also means you can rely on us. We are not a fresh startup – we’re a well-funded, profitable company with a dedicated team. You can count on us to deliver fantastic site search for as long as you need it.

Show the best search results – on the first try

User surveys have shown that website visitors often don’t to refine their initial search queries. Most leave a website if the first search does not bring up the results they expected. That’s why at AddSearch we work hard to deliver the right results – on the first search.

Self-learning algorithm

Our intelligent algorithm learns from your users and boosts the popular results that are clicked frequently.

Typo tolerance

Your users will find Caribbean hotels whether they search for Carribean, Carribbean or Caribean.


Your company sells trousers, but some of your users call them ‘pants’ or ‘slacks’. AddSearch allows you to specify certain words as synonyms that should produce the same search results.

Hidden keywords

Sometimes visitors search using informal terms that aren’t directly included on the relevant page. The hidden keyword feature allows you to tag pages with other common search phrases or words, so that they show up even when the search term is not on the page.

Features you'll love

Mobile Support /

Mobile Support

AddSearch works on all devices, including mobile phones, tablets and desktops.
Statistics /


It’s important to know what your users are searching for. With AddSearch, you will know that, and more.
Easy Installation /

Easy Installation

Implementing AddSearch on your website takes only minutes. Literally!
Result Control /

Result Control

Some pages are more important than others, and with AddSearch, you can decide which ones they are.
Lightning Fast /

Lightning Fast

AddSearch is the fastest search for websites. It’s instant – you get results right after you type the first letter.
Results Views /

Results Views

We have it all: Instant search widget, traditional results page or custom view with API