The State of Site Search for Retail & eCommerce

The State of Site Search for Retail & eCommerce


The right digital customer experience is at the heart of engaging with your customers today. The Retail and eCommerce sector has had to adapt quickly to an incredibly competitive landscape as more organizations shift away from physical locations and service offerings. Leveraging all forms of customer data is critical as customers engage with brands in a variety of ways. Optimized site search and analytics can offer an advantage in re-evaluating go-to-market strategies and offering a personalized customer experience.

Is your site search giving you the information you need to succeed, helping you grow your revenue, and giving your team the tools they need? Explore our independent research report to benchmark against global practices now.

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Did you know that only 21% of Retail & eCommerce organizations dive deeper into their KPIs, beyond conversion and bounce rates?

As more businesses in Retail & eCommerce reach out to customers across channels and must adapt to customers’ preferences, AddSearch partnered with Ecosystm to conduct a global study into their needs and priorities so we could support them better.

We asked businesses in the industry for their views on site search and their goals and best practices for 2022. The resulting report is packed with insight into the opportunities and challenges for the Retail & eCommerce sector.

It reveals how businesses view site search, how it can help achieve business goals, and how to evolve your organization’s site search capabilities.

Is your site search future-ready? Find out now.