The State of Site Search for Financial Services

The State of Site Search for Financial Services


The right digital customer experience is at the heart of engaging with your customers today. This is even more critical for companies in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector. With customers seeking out seamless omnichannel experiences, regulators demanding security and compliance and other stakeholders requiring profitability and efficiency, optimizing site search becomes even more critical to creating and shaping that experience.

Is your site search engaging customers, increasing your business agility, and contributing to your business goals? Explore our independent research report to benchmark against global practices now.

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Did you know that site search can have a greater impact on conversions for BFSIs than even for eCommerce websites?

As more financial service organizations grapple with personalization and engaging a new generation of customers in the digital space, AddSearch partnered with Ecosystm to conduct a global study into their needs and priorities so we could support them better.

We asked businesses in the industry globally for their views on site search and their goals and best practices for 2022. The resulting report is packed with insight into the Banking, Financial Services & Insurance sector.

It reveals how businesses view site search, how it can help achieve business goals, and how to evolve your organization’s site search capabilities.

Is your site search future-ready? Find out now.