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Better search leads to more sales. AddSearch instant and visual search helps your customers find what they are looking for!

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AddSearch is an instant, visual site search that works on all devices and is easy to install

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What does AddSearch do for you, as a store owner?

Easy to install

AddSearch is easy to install with just one line of code, works with every platform and is customizable to fit your brand.
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Automatic optimization and maintenance

AddSearch automatically optimizes the search results, and adds new products and content to the index.


More sales

To buy it, your customers will first need to find it. AddSearch brings all the products instantly findable from the frontpage.

What does AddSearch do for your customers?


Works on every device

AddSearch is built to work on all devices and is platform independent.

Happier customers

AddSearch helps customers find the answer to their questions, reducing the pressure on helpdesk and inbox.

Better conversion

Getting the right product or information instantly will turn visitors into customers.

Other stores that AddSearch


A provider of swimming pool supplies, selling more than 25.000 products.


A lighting specialist, who makes especially good use of the PDF search feature, providing customers with all necessary information.


A wide collection of rugs and carpets, strongly utilizing the visual aspect of AddSearch.