Analytics Dashboard

With the Statistics dashboard, you have access to tables and data visualizations of your users’ search queries and behaviors.

Picture of statistics graphs in the AddSearch dashboard.


In the Keywords section of your Statistics, you can view the top 100 keywords used on your search in a table that combines information on searches, clicks, and the click-through rate for your most popular terms. These columns are sortable so that you can easily access the information that is most relevant to you.

You can sort by most or least searched, most or least clicked, and highest or lowest click-through rates. These filters make it easy to find out what your users are searching for as well as what your users may not be finding easily enough. It is also possible to search for specific keywords by starting to type into the keyword search on top of the table.

Latest Keywords

The Latest keywords section of your Statistics displays a table of the terms used in the most recent search queries on your site. 

No Hits Keywords

The No hits keywords section displays popular keywords that returned no results. On the right side of the table, you can find the number of times each query has been searched within the defined date range.

There’s no limit on statistics data retention and you can look up any past period at any moment.

Note, you can get statistics on a maximum period of 100 days. However, if you need statistics from a longer time period you can also request an export of statistics data from AddSearch support.

Google Analytics integration is available to Professional, Premium, and Enterprise plans.

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