Analytics Dashboard

AddSearch provides you with a visual illustration of your search data.

Picture of statistics graphs in the AddSearch dashboard.

You can find your search analytics on our Dashboard’s Statistics section. Select the date range to view to get the following information:

  • Daily searches and clicks: Your search volume and click-through trends
  • Searches and clicks: Total number of searches and clicks during the selected date range
  • Docs in index: Total number of indexed documents
  • Latest keywords: Most recent search queries
  • Popular keywords: Most popular search terms during the selected date range
  • No hits keywords: Keywords not returning any documents. It shows that if are looking for something that doesn’t exist on your website
  • No clicks keywords: Keywords returning results, but none of them were clicked. It’s possible that the results were not relevant. enough

There’s no limit on statistics data retention and you can look up any past period at any moment.

Note, you can get statistics on a period of max 100 days.

Google Analytics integration is available to Professional, Premium, and Enterprise plans.

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