The right solution for your industry

AddSearch offers comprehensive site search solutions for many different types of websites. Click the category your site falls under to see how AddSearch can benefit you. If you can’t see your category listed, or you’re unsure which group your site falls into, contact our sales today. We’ll be happy to help.

Businesses and organizations

Visitors to your website demand quick answers to their questions – and they’ll often turn to your search bar to find them. Search is often your last chance to keep a customer on your website before they go elsewhere to find the same product or content. AddSearch delivers accurate search results that help your visitors quickly find what they are looking for.

Migrating from Google?

Read more how to use AddSearch as an alternative for Google Search Appliance (GSA) or Google Custom Search Engine (CSE).

Governmental and municipal websites

Websites have become critical tools for delivering information and services from governments and municipalities to citizens. However, these websites often contain enormous amounts of information – and some municipalities can find it hard to manage such large websites. As a result, citizens may be unable to find the information or services they’re looking for. Faced with poor access to online services, citizens may revert back to more traditional ways of interacting with the government – phone calls, letters and even face-to-face visits. AddSearch site search acts as a shortcut for visitors to the information and services their require.

Schools and universities

Schools and universities require site search functionality that provides accurate search results and meets required standards. AddSearch provides world-class search experience without putting excessive strain on scarce IT resources.

Customer support and knowledge base websites

Customer support websites are often packed with valuable information – but users can have trouble locating the answers to their questions. AddSearch site search helps your customers find answers, increases customer self-service, and reduces expensive support calls and tickets.

Media and content websites

In the modern world, audiences are spoilt for choice. When it comes to media and content, visitors expect lightning-fast access – and if they don’t find what they’re looking for quickly, they’ll look for it somewhere else. AddSearch connects visitors with your content and increases page views, ad revenue and conversions.