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Agency, designer or developer? Add more value to your customer web projects by providing them the best site search on the market.

Elasticsearch-powered Site Search

AddSearch is an Enterprise-level, Elasticsearch-powered search for any website. We can crawl any website, even SPAs built with technologies such as React or AngularJS. We’ll index HTML pages, PDF documents, Word files and more. Use our embeddable results view to show search results or fetch them through our powerful REST API.


of web users will abandon a website if they don’t find what they are looking for within two minutes

Why use AddSearch for your project?

Easy to install

AddSearch is easy to install with just one line of code. No heavy integration project needed.

Impress your clients

AddSearch provides a highly visual and customizable user experience giving a guaranteed wow-effect.

One-stop solution

AddSearch is built to work on all devices and is platform agnostic.

Why offer AddSearch to your client?

More sales

To buy it, they will first need to find it. AddSearch brings all the products instantly findable from the frontpage.

Happier customers

AddSearch helps customers find the answer to their questions, reducing the pressure on helpdesk and inbox.

Better conversion

Getting the right information instantly and easily will turn visitors into customers.

Why search matters?

  1. Amount of content is increasing. The days with menu-driven navigation and web platforms’ own, subpar site searches are over
  2. Mobile usage is growing. Navigating a large website on mobile is a struggle. You must have a great, mobile-friendly site search
  3. Content is scattered across multiple platforms. Instead of a single website, companies have marketing site on Hubspot, knowledgebase on Intercom and products on Shopify. Get all content to the same, federated multichannel search with AddSearch
  4. Visitors are impatient. If they don’t find the information they are looking for, they bounce to Google where competitors are one click away.

Developers ❤️ AddSearch

When we began searching for a Google CSE replacement and found most solutions to be overly complicated and significantly more expensive than what our clients needed. We needed a site search utility for small to medium sites that was affordable but could easily scale when needed. AddSearch kept coming back as the best solution. We were able to implement AddSearch rapidly plus had the ability to search within PDF’s which was not available even in more expensive solutions. The service and support have proven to be above average and made it easy to work across time zones.
-Christian B. Marks / MagicBus
Search is often an afterthought. It’s a feature that is expected in web, but rarely gets a proper design or enough development time. For the most part, it ends up being barely functional and nearly useless for the end-user. AddSearch is changing that. Within minutes you get a system that exceeds the expectations and requires little to no configuration. Instant results with page previews alone are usually far beyond the minimal development budget for the search, but with AddSearch you can have them and give your end-user something really useful and valuable, for a change.
-Eemeli Söderholm, Web Developer / Crasman


Our customer wanted to replace their e-commerce- limited search with a solution that would cover the entire site. Using AddSearch we were able to significantly decrease the deployment time with much lower maintenance effort. Also, the support for AddSearch was very fast and professional. Both the team and our customer are very happy with the end result.
-Olli Mahlamäki, Senior Software Developer / Reaktor
We replaced the WordPress default search with AddSearch, because it gave us a modern, easy-to-use AJAX search for only one hour of work.
-Tuomas Arokanto, Developer, Team Leader / Frantic

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