Promote the results you want with Pinned results

Pinning the right search results for a specific search can be crucial to your business. While site search solutions have excellent algorithms and can be configured for better search results, there are still occasions when the results need to be handpicked to be promoted.

One occasion for handpicking search results could be a sale for particular products, say iPhones or books from a prolific author. The search algorithm most probably returns the most recent or relevant phones or books in the search results. However, it may not be aware of the items that are for sale and should be promoted.

To respond to these occasions, AddSearch has released a new feature that allows you to pick the best results for a specific search term and promote them in the desired order.

Which results come first?

To give an idea of how we make search results better for you and your customers, we will introduce you how we rank searches with our algorithms as well as methods of promoting the searches yourself.

Our proprietary search algorithms are built on top of the Elasticsearch platform which is the leading industry standard for search solutions. For sorting out the search results, AddSearch ranks the indexed pages with algorithms. It also gives the opportunity for the users to promote the most relevant documents amongst the search results.

Here are some of the components that affect the ranking of search results

  • Self-learning algorithms promote the search results that are clicked most often.
  • Publishing date promotes the search results that have the most recent date. The publishing date can be defined by the user. For more information visit here.
  • Hidden keywords promote indexed web pages with the added keyword. Hidden keywords are defined by the user.  You can find more information visit here.
  • Site areas rules promote areas from the website.  You can find more information visit here.
  • Phrase matching promotes to the top of the search results exact phrases.

Pinned results

Pinned results feature adds to all of the components described above making the search results even better. It allows you to handpick the search results you want to promote and pin them to the top of the search results for the defined search term.

The Pinned results feature is easy to use. All it takes are the following three steps

  1. Making a search with a central keyword
  2. Pinning relevant search results
  3. Arranging the pinned results.

The keyword used in the search should be central to what you wish to show to your visitors. Pinning and arranging search results depend on which search results are the most relevant to from the perspective of your business or other goals.

Picture of Pinned results feature in the Dashboard.

If you already have an account at AddSearch, follow these instructions from this link to implement the Pinned results feature on your Dashboard.

Where to use Pinned results?

Pinned search works in cases where you have a set of products from which you would like to handpick products and arrange them to appear first in the search. For a pinned search the best search terms would be those with an exact phrase that your customer uses. For instance manufacturers name, a product family, or author’s name.

Phone store that has older iPhone models on sale

  • Search keyword iPhone returns all the iPhone models
  • User pins the iPhone models that are on sale from the search results
  • User arranges the most relevant iPhones from the pinned results
  • The iPhones on sale return on top of the search results when the customer searches for iPhone

Selling paperback editions at a bookstore

  • Search keyword author’s last name returns all the books from the author
  • User pins the paperback editions from the search results
  • User arranges the most relevant books from the pinned results
  • The paperback edition books return on top of the search results when the customer searches the author

While Pinned results can be used for promoting specific products in a product family or certain books from a single author, Pinned results are also intended to be used in cases to pin a page permanently when searching with a specific keyword.

To find out what your visitors are searching you could use the Statistics section in your Dashboard to determine what the most popular keywords are.

A website that writes blogs and sells books about vegan dishes the most popular keyword found from the statistics could be ‘pumpkin’. You could use it as the keyword for the pinned search. Then you would go to Pinned search section on your Dashboard, do a search with the keyword ‘pumpkin’. The last step would be to pin the most relevant search results and arrange them to align with your interests.


The pinned results give you an opportunity to promote precisely the search results for a specific search term you want your customers to see. The promoted search results will guide your visitor to the desired page and increase the probability of conversion. Handpicking search results with Pinned results helps you to make the searches better for you and your customers.

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