New Feature: Full re-crawl, or “reset the index”.


One of the most frequently received requests that we receive on our support channels is the request to perform a full recrawl of a customer’s site, or to “reset the index”, as some users also call it. After making large changes on your site (e.g. changing the domain name, changing the paths of the pages, etc) the search index might contain out-of-date content while our crawler catches up. In order to speed up this process, you can now manually request a recrawl for all of your pages. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your AddSearch account, and go to Settings.
  2. Underneath the second paragraph, click “Full Recrawl”. Done!

Please note: the recrawl will be initiated immediately, but depending on the size of your website, it can take a few minutes up to a few hours before the entire website is indexed. Also, the full recrawl create a heavy load on our system. Therefore, you can only perform a full recrawl once a week. After requesting one, our system will show you when you can request it again. If for some reason, you would require a full recrawl sooner, please contact our support at