AddSearch Pitching in SXSW Accelerator Competition Finals!

AS_Blog_Illustrations_SXSW-940x198What makes us especially happy is that out of the thousands of companies who applied to the SXSW Accelerator, only eight companies in each of the six categories were accepted. We understand the competition has been extremely tough, especially in the Big Data & Enterprise category where AddSearch competes. Also, as a Finnish company we’re proud to be the only company representing our oh so cold, yet so beautiful homeland in the competition :).

For those of you just getting to know AddSearch, our product is an instant search for websites. Searching on any website is typically a terrible experience: the searches are slow and cumbersome. AddSearch is a search for any website that gives you accurate results instantly: type one letter, and the results appear instantly. Our search works on any device, including desktops, tablets and phones, and gives the site owner full control over the search results. AddSearch is also very easy to install on any website: it only takes minutes, and there’s zero hassle or maintenance.

AddSearch has been in development for over two years. We launched the product last November at the Slush event in Helsinki, after which masses of companies from small businesses to large corporations have used AddSearch to improve their site searches. You can read more about AddSearch in TechCrunch, or check out out presentation video and the successful Slush pitch below.

Try out AddSearch for your own website, creating the search takes only minutes. AddSearch is free for small sites, for larger ones prices start at $9/month. After testing tell us what you think via email, Twitter or Facebook – all feedback is highly appreciated!

AddSearch presentation video:

AddSearch pitching in Slush in November 2013:

(Note the AddSearch-branded pocket square 😉

More information on the SXSW Accelerator competition, sponsored by Oracle and RackSpace: