AddSearch is a lightning fast hosted search tool for any website, offering instant and accurate search results after the first keypress. AddSearch works across all devices, gives website owners complete control over their search results and is very easy to install.

The product is currently being tested with various companies and governmental organizations, including Sanoma, the biggest publishing company in Finland. After over two years of development, AddSearch will be launched to the public at the Slush 2013 startup event on November 13th-14th in Helsinki.

“Website search is broken”, commented Pasi Ilola, AddSearch co-founder and CEO. “Existing search solutions for websites offer a very poor and slow user experience, often failing to provide the most relevant search result. Building and maintaining your own search functionality is highly expensive and time-consuming. That is why we created AddSearch – it is easy to set up for the website owners and it just works”.

“It takes only one line of code to install AddSearch on a website. Website owners can fully control which pages and keywords are most important in the search results, allowing them to surface business-critical information to the users”, added Antti Ala-Ilkka, founder and CTO of AddSearch.

Further information:
Pasi Ilola, co-founder and CEO

About AddSearch
AddSearch solves a pressing problem: searching on any website is typically a terrible experience. AddSearch is a lightning fast search for websites that offers accurate results instantly. AddSearch is easy to install, gives you full control of the search results and works on any device. Based in Helsinki, Finland, the company was founded in 2013 and is financially backed by Vision+ and Tekes.

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