How does AddSearch support Twitter?

AddSearch allows you to add your Twitter accounts into your site search. When your users search on your website, this will allow them to also see relevant tweets from you.

You can add your Twitter account to AddSearch as follows:

  1. Login to your AddSearch account.
  2. Under Settings, scroll down to “Social accounts”.
  3. Click on “Add new account +”. In the left field, from the dropdown, select “Twitter”, and then in the right field, fill in your Twitter handle.
  4. Click Save, and you’re done. Our crawlers will now start crawling your Twitter feed.

You can add as many Twitter feeds as you like; you could add your company’s Twitter feed, as well as your employees’ feeds. Please note: each tweet counts as a separate page towards your plan’s page quota. Enabling this feature might cause you to exceed your quota. After enabling, depending on the amount of tweets, it might take a little bit before all of them are indexed, but new tweets are indexed in real time.