Include Twitter Feeds in Site Search

We’re very happy to announce AddSearch Social, which is a way for companies to include their social channels into their search. AddSearch now allows companies to add Twitter accounts into the search, so that when you search on your site, your tweets will appear alongside the website search results.

AddSearch users can add an unlimited amount of Twitter accounts to their search via the AddSearch Dashboard. This means that you don’t need to limit yourself to just including your corporate account; you can also add your employees’ accounts into the mix.

Your tweets will be indexed almost in real time, meaning that your tweets will be available in your search instantly. This makes it the perfect tool for searching any rapidly changing content.

How Can I Use This?

The use cases for this are plentiful:

  • You’re a media company, with reporters tweeting realtime information on breaking news. Your site visitors will be able to see those tweets and get the latest information, long before you’ve managed to post news to your website.
  • You’re a company launching a new product, and you’re tweeting live from the launch event. With AddSearch, your site visitors will find latest tweets in the search, and can marvel at the specs and designs of your latest offering.
  • You’re an airline, and your pilots are going on strike. You’re tweeting information about cancelled flights and strike duration, but you’re not updating your site as fast. With AddSearch, your site visitors will find the latest information, regardless of where it resides.

This is a world’s first; AddSearch is the first search provider to offer this functionality. As this is a brand new technology we expect that there will be plenty of uses for it that we have not anticipated at all.

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